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Reveal your most beautiful, glowing complexion with our selection of Pixi perfect facial toners. While each of our toners features a unique formula, they are all formulated for all skin types. Find the best Pixi toner for your skin in our selection, whether you need a toner for exfoliation, brightening, hydration, or soothing. The nice thing about our toners is that you can use them with any of our cleansers and moisturizers for a complete facial system. Mix and match your favourites and use them daily after cleansing your skin in the AM or PM! 

Which Facial Toner Should You Choose? 

Choosing a Pixi facial toner for your face is easy to do when you select one based on your specific facial skin care goal. Toners can boost the overall health of your skin, while offering a refreshing experience. As you browse our collection, consider if you want a toner that helps make your skin glow brightly, gives your skin a boost of toning Collagen or Vitamin-C, or a good overall toner that helps rejuvenate. We offer all of those toners and more. 
One of our most popular and best-selling products is our Pixi Glow Tonic. This go-to face toner is a true miracle worker that is designed to significantly brighten your complexion for the perfect glow. Glow Tonic To-Go pre-soaked pads.  
There are also other options for brightening. Another facial toner favourite is Pixi's Vitamin C Tonic. The addition of Vitamin-C gives this toner potent antioxidant power. It also helps stimulate your skin's natural collagen production for a more youthful complexion. This formula also includes skin-strengthening Probiotics and gently exfoliating White Willow Bark. 
Replenish your skin and maintain your youthful glow with the rejuvenating power of our Retinol Tonic. This youth-preserving tonic features potent, time-released retinol that revitalizes your skin and gives it a natural glow. Peptides offer added skin-firming effects and help encourage your skin's natural collagen production. The formula also contains powerful botanical extracts and antioxidants that soothe, heal and balance your skin

Need a Hydrating Toner? 
One great reason for adding a toner to your daily skin care regimen is to give your skin an extra boost of hydrating moisture. This extra layer of hydration works in tandem with your favorite Pixi moisturizer to provide all-day or all-night hydration to your skin. The result leaves your skin feeling soft and plump. With regular use, toners can help your skin maintain a glow-y and youthful appearance. 

No matter your skin type, it is important to hydrate and nourish your skin. Moisturize your skin with ease using Pixi Milky Tonic. This hydrating toner soothes your complexion while it balances your skin. It also nourishes and helps rehydrate and relaxes the skin. 
Another hydrating and soothing facial toner option is our Rose Tonic. This nutrient-rich toner helps minimize redness while balancing your skin's pH levels.